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Masamune-kun's Revenge R

Masamune-kun's Revenge R

With the tumultuous cultural festival behind him, Masamune Makabe continues his efforts to carry out his revenge: to make the "Cruel Princess" Aki Adagaki deeply fall for him and then immediately dump her. As his class is going on a trip to Paris, widely known as the City of Love, Masamune has the perfect opportunity to get even for his childhood heartbreak. Before Masamune can impress Aki, the two meet Muriel Besson, a French high school otaku who aspires to create a romantic comedy manga series. Muriel believes Masamune is the ideal model for the protagonist and asks for his help. The boy reluctantly agrees, dragging Aki along to provide inspiration for the love interest's character. But to do so, the two must show Muriel what Japanese love is like. To make matters more complicated, Kanetsugu Gasou is masquerading as Aki's childhood friend, Masamune, to trick and use her. With mix-ups and love rivals galore, Masamune's revenge is proving to be quite the difficult task.
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