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Everlasting God Of Sword

Everlasting God Of Sword

In the world of Jiuyou, Shen Zhenyi, the third son of Abandoned Sword Villa, acquired the ancient martial arts "Wan Zang Sword Sutra", which attracted the coveted of martial arts in the world. The leader of the Demon Sect, Minyiren, fought with him for the sword, but the third son disappeared. A year later, Abandoned Sword Villa reopened the mountain gate, and Shen Zhenyi asked his disciples to teach the "Wan Zang Sword Sutra" in person! The rivers and lakes are shocked by it! Chu Huoluo, a female disciple of Lieyang Mansion, became Shen Zhenyi's apprentice by chance. As the master and apprentice broke the puzzle, the crisis was quietly approaching, and when the final conspiracy surfaced, all the reasons pointed to an ancient legend called "Zhanyue Feixian".
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