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Bungo Stray Dogs 5

Bungo Stray Dogs 5

The Armed Detective Agency is still on the run from the Hunting Dogs, but not all hope is lost. Detective Ranpo Edogawa has a plan to prove the Agency's innocence and save the world from chaos: to find and capture Kamui—the leader of the terrorist organization Decay of the Angel. In order to determine Kamui's whereabouts, Ranpo and his colleague Atsushi Nakajima must convince Genichirou Fukuchi, the renowned captain of the Hunting Dogs, for amnesty. Although Fukuchi was tasked with arresting the members of the Agency, his past with the Agency's president, Yukichi Fukuzawa, may be the key to earning his trust. But unbeknownst to them, Fukuchi might not be as honorable as he proclaims.
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